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TikTok is starting a war against online stores ⛔️

Amer Chamaa

Amer Chamaa

Amer Chamaa

Amer Chamaa

August 30, 2023


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TikTok is starting a war against online stores ⛔️

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TikTok is planning to ban links leading to external online stores and wants a cut of online sales 🥷

Social media platforms have been trying to get into the e-commerce game for some time after realizing that the top content creators are making big bucks representing brands on their platforms and pushing viewers to purchase certain products. Content creators have actually been leading their viewers from social platforms to online shops in order to push sales, and the socials have had enough of this! TikTok now plans to ban all links to external online stores in an attempt to monopolize the online retail industry and get a cut of every online sale.

Remembering TikTok’s shopping fail 👎

Last summer, TikTok backed out of launching a video shopping platform in Europe and the US after failing to deliver a successful e-commerce experience, which relies on ensuring purchase safety, logistical reliability, and product quality. Delays with deliveries, a lack of customer support, and logistical catastrophes drove the aspiring TikTok shopping experience straight to the garbage. The TikTok team is now trying to get around their inability to provide a satisfactory online retail experience by letting digital retailers be at their mercy. Check out last year’s article to learn more about TikTok’s video shopping fail.

How to fight 💥

If you are an online retailer, we're here to tell you that you don't have to succumb to TikTok's online terrorism. Here are the 4 simple things you need to do to protect your sales and make sure the TikTok mob stays clear of your business:

1- Create a video shopping platform in your store

Creating a video shopping platform can be done in a few days with the LIVEBUY technology and will allow you to integrate the social media experience into your e-commerce offering. You own the content!

2- Create a video feed in your app

You can easily convert your video shopping platform into your app by creating an in-app video feed. This replicates the video-swiping experience found on social media platforms. Doing this will increase the time spent on your app as well as your sales conversion rates.

3- Embrace the user-generated content revolution

You can work with brand ambassadors and employees to create content, but if you really want to go viral and beat TikTok at their own game, collaborate with external content creators who are popular thanks to their personalities and skills in front of the camera. This will encourage viewers to naturally and regularly visit your platform.

4- Keep on TikTok-ing

Don't forget that TikTok is still a great platform to promote your brand and grow your community. Stay active there; just don't let them take a cut of your profits, and don't let them ruin your e-commerce experience!

In conclusion, do online retailers need to be worried about TikTok's plans to ban them from the platform? Not really, as long as retailers start taking the necessary steps to put this social platform where it belongs!

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