What your tech team needs to know

No worries... it's mostly just copy pasting code

Integrate our SDK

Give your team the power to use the LIVEBUY technology anywhere on your online store.

Import your product catalogue

Automatically import all your products in just a few minutes using the LIVEBUY SDK.

Create Widgets

Create a custom experience, sort your content and control how your visitors interact with your video platform!

Paste Widget Code

Made easy for anyone who is not a techy!
Changes made in the Dashboard are automatically synced  your widgets.

Let the video shopping journey begin

Go live or create clips on the go wherever you are, and publish them straight to your online store.

Customise the journey

LIVEBUY is designed to be flexible, enabling you to create a video-shopping platform that matches your business needs.

  • Build a unique front-end experience
  • Incorporate your brand identity
  • Integrate tailor-made functionalities
  • Access data to extract knowledge and add business value

Easy peasy right?

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