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Live video shopping powers you to connect with your
customers in real-time & generate sales like never before

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A feature offering made to scale


LIVEBUY offers you the power to create custom widgets and organise your content into different categories.

  • Custom look & feel
  • Curated content selection
  • Unlimited swiping


This simple tool will lead your website visitors to your video content. Activate to  increase sales & viewership!

  • Increase awareness
  • Increase viewership
  • Higher conversion rates


LIVEBUY makes content sharing possible for anyone, no matter which device they are using.

  • Make your content social
  • Native implementation
  • Link sharing

Live Actions

Live actions are interactive elements that creators can activate during a live show to engage with your viewers on another level.

  • Countdown
  • Emoji Race
  • Watch 2 Win

Cross Platform

Let your content shine on other platforms and by broadcasting content on other platforms that have RTMP players.

  • Increase visiblity
  • Spread your content


The Chat is an integral part of live shopping, giving you the ability to engage, interact and understand your shoppers.

  • Moderation
  • Pinned messages
  • BLEM

Multi shop streaming

Broadcast content simultaneously on as many other domains as you like.

  • Localised show titles & product info
  • Multi-language capability

Creator Operations

Get access to the world of content creators to build, grow and manage your own creator pool.

Creative Services

From flashy campaign concepts, to unique show formats, our creative department will support you along the way.

Video Application

Give shoppers & influencers the chance to prove they should become your content creators! They apply, you approve, they create!

Creator Management

Add or remove creators, configure their publishing rights & create unique profiles. Own and manage your own creator pool!

Creative Sourcing

Just say the magic words, tell us what you’re looking for and LIVEBUY will find the right creators for your video shopping platform.

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Content made fun & easy

The LIVEBUY Creator App allows content creators to create content anywhere anytime.

Show Management

Easily add products, set the date & time, share the event, and go LIVE!

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Profile Management

Add a bio, upload a profile pic, choose a stage name and access analytics to evaluate your performance.

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Clip Creation

Record a short video on the spot or upload an old gem from your library, then share it with the world!

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Get all creators on board the first time they access the app.

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Stay in control

The LIVEBUY Dashboard is the control center from which you manage & orchestrate your video shopping platform.

Show Management

The LIVEBUY Dashboard is the control centre from which you manage & orchestrate your video shopping platform.

Show Moderation

Moderate live shows right from the dashboard & get access to industry-standard profanity filter tools.


Monitor your content’s performance to find out what works best and optimise your efforts to keep scaling!

Pro Setup

Connect your professional film & streaming equipment with one simple click from the Dashboard.

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