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The LIVEBUY Dashboard is the control center from which you manage & orchestrate your video shopping platform.

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Content Management

Review, sort and tag your content. Unpublish unwanted content, or republish a long-lost video gem with one simple swipe.


Create a unique video shopping journey, integrate your brand identity, and shape every inch of your platform.


Monitor live shows from your dashboard, keep the chat clean, and get access to industry-standard profanity filter tools.


Monitor your content’s performance to find out what works best and optimise your efforts to keep scaling!

It's all about creation

Get access to the world of content creators to build, grow and manage your own creator pool.

Creative Services

From flashy campaign concepts, to unique show formats, our creative department will support you along the way.

Video Application

Give shoppers & influencers the chance to prove they should become your content creators! They apply, you approve, they create!

Creator Management

Add or remove creators, configure their publishing rights & create unique profiles. Own and manage your own creator pool!

Creative Sourcing

Just say the magic words, tell us what you’re looking for and LIVEBUY will find the right creators for your video shopping platform.

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