Customer engagement and sales like you wouldn't believe.
Unlock the power of engaging, authentic, shoppable live video streams – directly in your online shop.
Super easy integration with:
Live Video Shopping

Your customers. Closer than ever.

Up to 15x higher
conversion rates
We're not joking. With LIVEBUY 10-30% conversion rates are business as usual.
100% authentic engagement
Fact: People buy from people! Start a conversation with your customers now.
customer retention
What's better than customers? Fans. Create a loyal community in your shop.
“Why Live-Streams are the
future of Online Shopping”
“Europe weaks up -This Idea 
will change the shopping era"
“Online shoping is becoming 
an Experience”
“The comeback of 
Own it

Build the platform of your dreams

Shoppable live videos
embeddable in minutes.

A picture says more than 1000 words. Guess what – we'll give you 30 per second. This way, you'll turn your online shop into an engagement powerhouse.
Easy to implement
GDPR compliant

Set the perfect stage

Present your Live Shows and
Show Replays where they
matter. Integrate smart content widgets into your storefront and let them auto populate magically.
Fully automated
Smart discovery
Headless architecture

Easily manage your shows and creators

With the LIVEBUY  Dashboard you can manage and organise your creators from one centralised panel. Involve your employees, brand partners, influencers, key opinion leaders and even your own customers to live video content non-stop!

We'll turn you into the director, producer and star of your very own livebuying media empire!

Powerful LIVEBUY creator app

We made it our mission to provide your creators with the power of a professional studio right in their pocket. Except – we spared you the annoying manual fiddling.

3 – 2 – 1 – You're LIVE!
Become an expert

LIVEBUY provides the canvas
and helps you paint it!

From show

Whether you pull off
a one time event ...

to channel

or plan to launch a series
of shows ...

to multi creator

or open up for brands,
influencers and employees
- we got you covered.
From show
Wether you pull off a
one-time event....
to channel
or plan to launch a
series of shows....
to multi creator platform
or open up for brands,
influencers and employees
- we got you covered
“The comeback of teleshopping”

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