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Create your own video-based review system and make your shoppers feel safe & happy with their purchases.

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Give shoppers the content they are looking for before check-out


Bypass Google & YouTube by informing shoppers on your store, and make sure they buy from you!

Replace fake reviews with authentic feedback

Customer videos

The most authentic way to gather product feedback, obtain  insights and understand your shoppers!

Expert Videos

Expose your shoppers to the expertise of your staff and leave no
questions open

Upgrade your product pages

Turn your product pages into the most trusted review sources, and make sure your shoppers stay on your shop instead of going to Google.

Put the content where it belongs


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Smart Solutions for Smart Retailers


The smart widget function recognises the showcased product and automatically integrates the video into the correct PDP. No manual effort!

Content right out of your pocket

The LIVEBUY Creator App allows content creators to create content anywhere, anytime.

Show Management

Easily add products, set the date & time, share the event, and go LIVE!

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Go Live!

Give your viewers the chance to shop from live from a video stream.

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Live Actions

Chat with viewers, highlight products and engage with shoppers on another level by activating our one of a kind live actions!

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Get all creators on board the first time they access the app.

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Stay in control

Publish & manage your product reviews straight from the LIVEBUY Dashboard.

Show Management

The LIVEBUY Dashboard is the control centre from which you manage & orchestrate your video shopping platform.

Show Moderation

Moderate live shows right from the dashboard & get access to industry-standard profanity filter tools.


Monitor your content’s performance to find out what works best and optimise your efforts to keep scaling!

Pro Setup

Connect your professional film & streaming equipment with one simple click from the Dashboard.

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Become a video shopping pioneer!

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