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Use the hottest TikTok trends for your shoppable content!

Amer Chamaa

Amer Chamaa

Amer Chamaa

Amer Chamaa

July 4, 2023


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Use the hottest TikTok trends for your shoppable content!

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Can you spot a TikTok trend that you can use to go viral on your store?

TikTok continues to captivate audiences around the world with its ever-evolving trends and viral content. From dance challenges to comedy skits and educational videos, the platform never fails to surprise. In this article, we'll dive into the top trends on TikTok at the moment, that you can use to create your very own viral shoppable content!


Pets have taken over TikTok once again with the hashtag #PetTikTok. Users are sharing adorable and hilarious videos of their furry friends, showcasing their talents, funny behaviours, and cute interactions. From dogs doing tricks to cats playing with toys, this trend is guaranteed to bring a smile on your viewers' faces.

568,2 Billion Views

Transition Challenges

Transition challenges have become a staple on TikTok, and this week is no exception. Creators are impressing viewers with their seamless transitions from one scene to another, often accompanied by creative editing techniques and unique outfit changes. These challenges encourage users to experiment with different camera angles, lighting, and visual effects, resulting in visually stunning and engaging content.

106,5 Billion Views


As summer is in full swing in many parts of the world, TikTokers are sharing their favorite summer moments using the hashtag #SummerVibes. From beach trips and poolside adventures to outdoor sports and refreshing recipes, users are capturing the essence of the season and inspiring others to embrace the summer spirit.

30.2 Billion Views


TikTok's DIY community continues to thrive as users share their creative and budget-friendly projects under the hashtag #DIY. From home decor and fashion hacks to upcycling and handmade gifts, these videos inspire viewers to get crafty and explore their own creative potential. DIY tutorials with step-by-step instructions have become particularly popular, allowing users to learn new skills and unleash their inner artisans.

340,5 Billion Views


TikTok has become a hub for food enthusiasts, and culinary trends are making waves on the platform. From viral recipes and cooking hacks to food challenges and unique taste tests, users are sharing their gastronomic adventures and tempting viewers with mouthwatering visuals. This trend showcases the diversity of cuisines and encourages users to experiment in the kitchen.

60,2 Billion Views

TikTok's dynamic and creative community never fails to impress, and this week's top trends highlight the platform's versatility. From heart-warming pet videos to mesmerizing transitions, TikTok continues to be a source of entertainment, inspiration, and learning. As the platform evolves, it can be used as a source of insights & information, to get a better understanding of the world's social creatures & online shoppers!

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