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How to promote your live shopping platform 📣

Amer Charmaa

Amer Charmaa

Amer Charmaa

Amer Charmaa

May 2, 2023


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How to promote your live shopping platform 📣

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Now that you are building your very own live shopping platform, it's going to take a bit of advertising to generate the required awareness a

Now that you are building your very own live shopping platform, it's going to take a bit of advertising to generate the required awareness and get it up and running. It's time for your marketing team to get to work, and figure out how to promote your upgraded shopping experience!

Promoting a live show is just like promoting a concert; the bigger the band, the bigger the fuss has to be. It is imperative to promote your upcoming live show schedule, as well as your past content and of course your platform in general. LIVEBUY strongly believes that your live shopping experience is the key tool that will pave your way to a bright future, and your marketing team should be taking advantage of it!

how to promote

Here's the ultimate guide to promoting your live video shopping experience:

1 Use all your social channels

Make use of your existing social channels to inform your community about your upgraded shopping experience. That means communicating your weekly show schedule, as well as announcing upcoming shows happening on the same day.

2 Activate creator power

The relationship between video integrated retailers and content creators has a collaborative nature. Both benefit heavily from higher viewership as the conversion rates on live shopping average at around 35%. Don't hesitate to ask your creators to promote their upcoming live shows to their community on their social channels.

3 Posting after shows

For anyone who missed an incredible show, it goes a long way to remind them that they can watch a replay as if they were there! This not only maximizes the performance of your already existing content, but anchors the existence of your video platform deeper in the minds of your consumers.

4 Superstars deserve the fuss

Celebrities are amongst the most influential people on the planet, and featuring one on your platform should be seen as a huge event! We recommend taking at least a month to create a proper marketing campaign around the upcoming live show, as this celebrity will be streaming exclusively for your store and community!

5 The power of coupons

Create shopping incentives by sharing show specific coupons with your community. Shoppers who know they can get their hands on their favorite products for less money will most likely make sure they don't miss the show!

6 Banners & Pop-Ups

Your regular website visitors should be informed about the existence of your live page when they enter your online store. Website banners are very effective in communicating the latest news or announcing new products. Additionally, LIVEBUY offers a Pop-Up feature that informs your shoppers about ongoing live shows. Why not use these two features to promote your next level shopping experience?

7 Your offline store

Shopping is all about the experience, which is why people love visiting physical stores. Human contact, access to information and interaction are the key factors shoppers look for. It would go a long way to inform your offline shoppers that they can get the full shopping experience right on your online store.

8 Newsletters

Die hard fans like to stay in the loop, and would be willing to take the time to go through your live show schedule if they regularly receive a newsletter informing them about what is coming soon! Send them your schedule by mail, and allow them to add upcoming events to their calendars.

9 Push-Notifications

Your Smartphone-App is one of your greatest tools to effectively reach the proper target audience. Anyone who has downloaded your App must really dig your store! Push notifications delivered on a regular basis will work wonders when it comes to creating the proper awareness amongst your loyal customers.

10 Flyer on delivery

Shoppers love that moment when they finally get to unpack their long awaited product. Their happiness levels are high, and they are more keen on hearing what you have to say. We recommend sending flyers on delivery, informing them about your upcoming schedule and incoming Superstar Content!

11 Simulcasting across platforms

Simultaneously casting to other platforms is one of the most efficient ways to increase viewership and make sure your show reaches as many people as possible. This can be done on the website of a partner brand, or simply on other social media channels. Spread your content as far as possible!

As you can see, there is a lot your business can be doing to maximize the efficiency of your live shopping experience and let it achieve its real potential. Your marketing team needs to realize that your video shopping platform is an asset that they should be using to impress your community, and generate campaigns with extremely high returns on investment. Let them get to work!

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